The Piano e Forte Festival

The aim of the "Piano e Forte" Festival is to show the history of the evolution of the piano instrument in the context of the development of the piano repertoire. The study of mutual relations, interactions and the influence of new achievements in the field of the piano mechanism on the repertoire, as well as innovative compositional techniques on the development of the instrument. The event aims to inspire young pianists to deepen their knowledge of the history of the instrument, raise awareness of the performance practices of a diverse repertoire on contemporary and period pianos, as well as learn about interpretation trends and piano literature from various eras.

Zespół Szkół Muzycznych w Wieliczce
Rynek Górny 6, 32-020 Wieliczka
Tel./Fax: 012 278 31 13

Towarzystwo Muzyczno-Artystyczne Sfogato
ul. Lea 173/12, 30-133 Kraków
Tel.: 510 782 061

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